About this newsletter.

Humdrum is basically a short essay exploring technology and design from a human perspective. It’s not about gadgets or reviews or how to’s or anything remotely technical. Rather, the essays explore how technology and design affect our ordinary, everyday lives. It’s the kind of stuff we might notice, maybe chat with our friends about, even if it’s not always the biggest, newsy thing. Like how frustrating it can be to do something online and it just not work. Or how, as a petite woman, it seems like everything is too big or just awkward to use, like seat belts.

In other words, what is it like to be a person in the fast-paced, wacky world of smartphones and Amazon and automation and self-driving cars?

About me.

I’m Christina, a Chicago-based writer and user experience researcher. I spend a lot of my time studying how people use and think about digital products and the world around them. (I also love plants and wine and my dog). My first book, the memoir Failing Better, is now available at Amazon and other outlets. The logo for Humdrum was designed by Sam Gensburg.