Can't the end-of-year madness be over already?

Humdrum 64

It’s the end of the year so of course it’s madness. Holiday parties, gift shopping, end-of-year project deadlines. One month in January can feel like plenty of time but not nearly enough in December. Time rushes by.

I’m on this bonkers project at work which in normal circumstances would be really interesting but the timeline is so insane and short that I feel like I have no time to really think about the project and how interesting it is. It’s six weeks of work crammed into three weeks. When this happens, I have to wonder what’s the point of forcing such extreme deadlines. I work in design, not medicine.

This week is my last week in the office before the holiday break. But I’m not really enjoying the countdown to vacation. I remember the anticipation when I was a kid, those weeks leading up to Christmas, as a continuous burble of energy in the back of my mind. I was so excited. Now, instead of looking toward something, I’m looking back, wanting something to end: oh please let it be over.

That’s kind of a bummer isn’t it? Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but seems like that’s one of the things about adulthood: everything happens so fast that you’re not really noticing anything besides what’s immediately in front of you. I get why the idea of mindfulness is cropping up everywhere. A lot of us need reminders to slow down, breathe, focus on the present. 

I guess I’m sort of doing that now, writing this, and reflecting on this crazy ass time. I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend and decorated my Christmas tree so that’s helped kick up some ripples of excitement for the holiday break: visiting my siblings and their kids, eating cookies with abandon and, doing my annual goal setting.

But once Friday rolls around I will be so ready. I hope you all can slow down and have a fabulous holiday!

Book News

My book is out in paperback! This is one of the goals I had for 2019 and it’s taken close to the end to get all the details and ducks and such lined up. In the spirit of mindfulness, I’m trying not to focus on the time it took, or second guessing any of the design decisions (did I use the right font?!) but more on being happy that it’s published. Anyway, you can buy it and hold it in your hands now!

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